Wonderful, Wonderful People!

Trailer for Edgar Reitz’s Home From Home - Chronicle of a Vision. Definitely just jumped to the top of my need to see right fucking now list. 


Loving Couples/Älskande par (Mai Zetterling - 1964)

The Raid 2: Berandal (dir. Gareth Evans, 2014)

The Immigrant (dir. James Gray, 2013)

Cruising (dir. William Friedkin, 1980)

Sunday Bloody Sunday (dir. John Schlesinger, 1971)


Yesterday my shrink told me she thinks I’m a better film critic than any American critic currently living

I said yeah, I’ve gotten that before, and that I may or may not have mentioned it to them, but I think comicsensems, wonderfulwonderfulpeople and several others from the old Facebook cinephile gang are better than any critic currently working anywhere in the world. Rosenbaum is the only professional critic on par with Pulaski, Story, Najarian-Najafi, Roges, Sutpen, Kapsaski, Risselada, Krummey, Kim, McNeil, and others from the whole sick crew

One of the nicest things anyone has said about me. Love this guy.